Our Programmes


The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in collaboration with the Young Investor Network is to organize a National quiz competition for students in Senior High Schools (SHS). This initiative is to challenge the students to increase their knowledge in capital markets, entrepreneurship and corporate finance. The objective is to create awareness among students on various capital markets, related issues and encourage their interest in investment and entrepreneurship.


  • The broad objectives of this initiative are:
    To promote financial literacy among the youth in Ghana.
  • To demystify and correct misconceptions about finance and investment in Ghana.
  • To inculcate the habit of good financial management, personal savings and investment among the Ghanaian youth.
  • To create the awareness and the excitement about the need to invest towards future financial security among the Ghanaian youth.


The competition is open to all SHS in all the two hundred and sixteen (216) districts of Ghana. The districts in every region shall be grouped into five (5) Zones in the preliminary round. Some of the districts will be combined as a result. The best performing schools in the previous West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examinations in each of the five (5) districts forming a Zone will be selected to compete in the preliminary round. Students in the second year are eligible to compete for their schools. Students from the participating schools do not necessarily need to be studying business but rather students who are interested in pursuing careers in Economics, Business Administration and Accounting.

Each participating school will present two (2) students who will represent the school during every stage of the competition as the quiz progresses. Reps cannot be changed for any reason. Unless a medical situation for which a qualified medical doctor has advised that the Rep cannot continue representing the participating school. Reps will be given two (2) books which will be the study material (from SEC) for the entire period of the quiz. All questions that will be asked will be from this study material. In the event that there is a change all participating schools shall be accordingly informed. Reps shall be taught by a teacher from their participating school who will also work with the reps as a team during the entire quiz. He will take them through the study material and ensure that the Reps are prepared for the quiz.