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Talking Money at Home

In many ways, it is and should be easier to talk about money with your partner or family. You are, after all, much closer to them than to your colleagues or boss. As with any other subject, the key is to use the rules of feedback. Be open and honest about the effect of your partner’s behaviour on you.
In other words, don’t wait too long to have the conversation, but do pick your moment carefully, so that they are receptive, and give them time to respond. Also remember to listen to what they are saying, and don’t just think about what you are going to say next.

One way to initiate a conversation is to share one of your own financial goals. You might, for example, tell your partner that you are going to try to save a bit more money each month This may prompt them to share their own financial goals, and start a more honest conversation but if it doesn’t, you can always ask, having opened the subject.

You could also suggest having some joint financial goals. For example, you might be thinking about saving for a deposit for your education. If so, you will need to agree how much each of you is going to save each month.

Finally, it is much easier to sort problems if you talk about them openly and honestly.

Talking about money and solving problems together can therefore help to make your relationship stronger, as well as helping you to resolve your problems.