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Save A Cedi Challenge

Our Goal: We want every student to not only learn the concepts of investing, but also put those concepts into practice by participating in the Save Cedi-a-Day Challenge.

Know all about SAVE A CEDI

Do You Want To Plant Your Future? Join Save A Cedi A Day Challenge

  • Save a Cedi a day is an investment club created for young investors members to invest at least ¢1or more everyday
  • The Save a Cedi a day Challenge  is designed to help young people to put aside funds that will help them in the future and gradually add up to a significant amount, the challenge will  also  Introduce simple finance basics and money management skill  that  can help youngsters to familiarize themselves with money, learn simple savings techniques to adopt good spending habits, and help to set themselves up for what they want to achieve in life
  • The aim of the club is to place you firmly on road to your first million
  • To begin the journey to your first million
  • To be groomed in how to invest and how to identify investment opportunities
  • Improve upon investment skills
  • Access to a personal investment advisor
  • Access to financial literacy Programme
  • Opportunity to participate in the Young investors events and Promotion
  • Loyalty cards with exclusive discounts from selected Partners

You can invest a minimum initial investment of GH¢1 or more.

  • Pay through MTN Momo Account 0245871167.
  • The Registered name is Young Investors Network.
  • Use your name or account number as reference
  • Payments through Mobile Money Transfer should have the Sim Card registered in your name.
  • Money from your Piggy Bank
  • Each contribution should be invested for the long term advisably for a minimum duration of 3 years
  • You can withdraw by filing the withdrawal form and You will received your funds in three day
  • Half year and Annual statements will be emailed to members
  • Quarterly statement will be emailed to all members
  • Monthly statement will be emailed to members who contribute that month
  • You can sign up for the Young investors notification alert.

Save a Cedi a day Challenge is managed by experienced Investment Bank I.C Securities in Ghana who are licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC) and Promoted by Young Investors Network.