Finance Scholars Virtual Internship Experience

Program Overview

A virtual internship is a work experience placement that students can do from home. During the internship, students communicate with their employer through a range of resources, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, email, webinars, and Slack.
Virtual internships (sometimes called remote internships) will look great on your resume and will give you some valuable work experience, which you can draw from when applying and interviewing for graduate roles.
Students who participate in a Finance Scholars Virtual Internship Experience (VIE) take advantage of technology to build professional skills and explore careers. Unlike traditional internships, a VIE takes place almost entirely online.
Interns contribute to projects while working remotely. From campus, they complete the majority of their work and interact with co-workers, clients, and supervisors. By removing location, transportation, and scheduling as barriers to internships, students have access to greater learning opportunities.