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Get ready for the most intense, the most useful, and the most exciting experience you will probably have : Join The Young Investors Network today!

You’ll acquire the skills in financial management, Stock market and investment, You’ll learn from some of the greatest investment minds in the industry, and join an amazing group of global young investors.

Are you ready to join us?

If you don’t have a Young Investors Network chapter at your institution, be the first to start it up. It’s easy.

Recruit 3-10 people to help you get the club up and running.

Find a sponsor. Your ideal candidate is likely to be a member of the faculty/staff who has:

  • A strong commitment to working with youth and is well respected among the students.
  • Experience in the basics of finance (often a mathematics, economics, or social studies teacher).

Find out what requirements your high school has for starting a club. This is especially important if you want to use resources such as meeting rooms and permission to hold your events on school campus. Your school may also require you to have:

  • A Club Constitution
  • Club Leadership Positions
  • A Club Sponsor

Register your Young Investors Network with the secretariat.