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Let’s talk About Money

In many societies around the world, there is a huge taboo about talking about money. From an early age, we learn, for example, that it is not polite to boast about your salary and that means never telling anyone what you earn, in case you earn more than them or ask what something cost, because that implies that someone might not be able to afford it. Unfortunately, this taboo means that it is also very difficult to have important conversations. This topics suggests some ways that you can overcome the taboo and start to have honest conversations with those around you about money, both at work and at home.

Why Talk About Money?

There is unarguably more to life than money, but it is nonetheless very important for most of us especially when we do not have enough.

According to a relationship consultants, financial issues are one of the main causes of arguments between couples. Perhaps this is unsurprising when an astonishing 50% of Ghanaians say that they do not know what their spouse earns. After all, if you do not even know your monthly household income, it is hard to budget successfully

That is, what we consider ‘fair’ is all about what we have compared with other people. In other words, the cause of financial problems in relationships is likely to be one partner feeling that the other does not ‘pull their weight’. Being able to talk calmly and rationally about money can avoid this type of problem.